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Language School

    • Business French for job 
This is the perfect class for students who are looking to go into the business world. Throughout this class, students will be able to further develop their oral and written skills that will prepare them for job interviews and other business-like situations. Each student will see a significant improvement in their business vocabulary that will help them enter the business industry with confidence.


  • French B2 Préparation TEFAQ 
The TEFAQ is a government based test that is designed to evaluate a person’s general knowledge of French by evaluating their level of understanding as well as their speaking skills. This test is commonly used for immigration, business and general purposes. Our program is designed to help you prepare for the test so you can pass is successfully.


  • French conversation and listening package for PEQ
The PEQ, also known as the Quebec Experience Program, is an enhanced selection program for people who are looking to get a Quebec selection certificate that will help them into becoming permanent residents. Perfect for Quebec graduates already have an advanced knowledge of French, our course will help introduce students to the program so they can be better prepared and know what to expect.


  • Jon interview preparation 
We understand the stress that goes with job interviews. Especially when it’s a language other than your native tongue. Our job interview preparation course is designed to help our students prepare and be ready for job interviews. Through role-play, scenarios and other methods, students will know what to look out for during the interview process. We guarantee that by the time our students finish this course they will feel assured to enter the job market with a renewed sense of confidence.




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